Panavision Smile

by bryan on December 16, 2009


Panavision Smile by thestonebishop

Panavision Smile

I’ve a Panavision smile exploding into Technicolor
Adverts become themselves when there is nothing left to sell
Encyclopedia of cinematic gestures
That fake meaningful look, that tearjerk hook

We’ve all been to New York City and seen the stars on Hollywood Boulevard
We’ve all paid our $11.50 to get there virtually on the silver screen

They say who needs women; just take a look at the television
Channel 4, flip to 2, switch to 9
For your eyes the man earns a dime
Phone plan, blue pills, fast cars, precision time

Symbolic sexual vortex, tele-visual sheen… she’s the power of 17

The end credits roll by.
I’ll see you later, ‘round like an alligator, take yourself with ya

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