Kiss Me (It’s Not Love)

by bryan on January 6, 2010

Kiss Me (It’s Not Love)

Take a line from a movie
Use a quote from a book
Steal a word from a conversation
Where I mistook you for loving me

I’m a man on a mission
I’m a fire you must stoke
Need to find myself a woman
That gets all my jokes and
Prayers from the pew

I doesn’t show but I’ll
Do whatever it takes to
Make you want to kiss me to
Ensure that you’ll miss me
Though its not love

I walk myself into a room
A target crosses my eye
Within 3 seconds I will reply but
I can only stay awhile

Did you see that fight outside?
Do you know you twitch your eye?
Can’t you tell that I’m just not your type?
But I’ll take you home

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