It’s a Celebration

by bryan on September 16, 2010

Howdy Friend,

It’s a celebration!!!!! Yesterday I put up my 200th post. Still going full force on plan for my 1 year commitment. I have been having a blast drawing and making you peeps laugh, cry, think… and turn away in disgust or boredom. I know I promised more songs… but I have been musically busy with Patrolled By Radar (formerly 50 cent Haircut)… So… I hear you. “No excuses”… I’ll get right on it.

I really want to thank all you dedicated site checkers for hanging out and spreading the word. I thought I would share some stats with you… as I think they are pretty awesome.

4,668 different people have visited the site as of yesterday… from all over the world.

This is where they are from:

Top 5 countries:
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Ireland
5. Germany

This is what they liked:

Top 5 posts:
1. Toothpaste
2. Punctuation
3. Slacker Radio Review
4. Shark
5. Bored Board

Also… I recently added a Tag Cloud and Archives to the site… as it was getting tough to go back and check out the stuff you missed. See it? Down and to the right.

AND… I recently started a Zazzle store, which is way better than the store I had before because now you can get mugs, buttons, t-shirts, hoodies and a bunch of other stuff. CLICK HERE to check it out.

I’m working on a 2011 Calendar of comics for release in the holiday season.

Also… if you see a cartoon that is not in the store and you want it on something let me know what you want… I’ll make it and let you know when it’s available. The stuff looks great… so don’t be afraid.

Oh… and if you want a better place to look at everything really easy… so you can tell me which one you want… go to my Flickr page. You can see a bunch all at once.

Be good to each other…

The Stone Bishop

BTW – this is a copy of the email I send out yesterday… on occasion… I’ve sent 3 since December. I encourage you to sign up in the box on the upper right of the site… where it says “for the cool”… Cool people get more info (they know the top 10 countries! WOW!)

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