August 2012

You’re Mine – a poem

by bryan on August 27, 2012

You’re Mine

I argue for a living
What you want I’ll take
You think you’re right
But I know you’ve made a mistake

Your money is for my making
I’ve got God on my side
You think that you can take me
But I’ll strike you down with time

Your hate, I will negotiate
Your life will be mine
Your dreams will make you scream

You’ll be dead and gone
From dead to worse
I’ll strangle you for everything
That you’re worth

You're Mine


EDM Girl – a poem

by bryan on August 21, 2012

Where asphalt and cement meet in a step
Legs out of short shorts leapt
Into knees and a chin strapped with locks of blonde.
Thumbs fly across a glass pond.

First world problems to fret
Taking parents to task for friends unmet
Written record of secret stories
Texting unfiltered thoughts and worries.

EDM* whispers through blaring earbuds.
Brain filled with sonic floods.
Glow-sticks and glitter remembered.
As her head tilts absentmindedly skyward.

*EDM = electronic dance music



Never Wear Flip-Flops in the City – a poem

by bryan on August 13, 2012

Never wear flip-flops in the city.
No matter that your feet are pretty.
Steal covers are necessary,
Leather heals will better carry
Your precious bits of red.

Tips tiptoe on cracks breaking backs,
Shamed hand on brow,
Walks walked in shadows
Of dawn chilled air, allow
Tears to tuck silently into lowered lids.

Never wear flip-flops in the city, pretty.
Toes should only be exposed
To sunshine and sand,
To couples holding hands,
And a lover’s embrace,
To a smiling face.

Never wear flip-flops in the city.
Manholes of years lost,
Lucky coins tossed
On wish waste.
Spare hearts replaced
By iron forged cages
And asphalt stages.

Never wear flip-flops in the city.
Tire dust and cigarette butts,
Old gum and lap dog dung,
Buskers case and homeless placed
Strategically on 4th and Broadway.

Never wear flip-flops in the city, pretty.
Trotters belong near saltwater,
And beauty and grace
And ribbon and lace.
Given room to expand
Our hopes and dreams we land
In a place were flip-flops are necessary.

Never Wear Flip Flops in the City

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