“Spider in the Snow” – The Dismemberment Plan

by bryan on March 4, 2015

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“Spider in the Snow” is track 4 on The Dismemberment Plan’s 1999 release Emergency & I on DeSoto Records and reissued by Barsuk on vinyl in 2011.

Lonely keyboards with a warbly tone reminiscent of a 70s public service video played on a reel to reel 8mm machine in 7th grade history class are punctuated by a funky beat, chicken scratch guitar and a groovy bassline. Travis Morrison’s lyrics are talked more than sung and have an odd phrasing that makes singing along difficult but very satisfying when one gets it right.

The song contemplates the fact that a life of constant change can lead to a life of cold loneliness. Moving fast will not get you out of a rut. You will still be “scared, obvious and alone – a spider in the snow”

So please, for your own sake, slow down, make connections, remember to love… so you won’t be the target of a metaphoric winter bird looking for a snack.

Get the Record: Emergency & I

Go to their Website: The Dismemberment Plan

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