Don’t Look Me in the Eye

by bryan on February 15, 2010

Don’t Look Me in the Eyes

I may be the one you’re looking for
but you’ll never find me
In my soul there’s a lump of coal burning bright
through the night
I’ll never shine with a faceted light

Curled in a ball, head on the floor
I never thought I could be wrong once more
hide my face from the sight I can’t look you in the eyes

I don’t know if it’s true
but I saw you mamma yesterday
she said your name’s in the news
but I don’t know what the headlines say

I’ll look up your name on microfilm
Read the abstract of your last will
Told your sister I saw you the other day
But nothing stood above the fray of normalcy

Don’t look me in the eye
Toes pointed to the sky
Lovers come to say good by
Tears shed bedside

Don’t look me in the eyes
Avert them to the side
Can’t live with your lies
Forgive you with a sigh

Don’t look me in the eyes



by bryan on February 8, 2010

Filmed by my youngest… staring my oldest… soundtrack and drawings by yours truly 🙂


If you think it’s time to say goodbye
You might me right
If a shadow of a doubt has crossed your mind
It may be better to leave me behind
I’m a problem that you can not solve
a solution in which I won’t dissolve

If you can’t stand my presence
Makes no sense to stay in the present situation
that’s my stance
I’m a problem that you can not solve
A solution in which I won’t dissolve

I’m a mad man sitting on a park bench
I’m a sad man looking over the fence
Seeing myself entrenched
In a hole that I’ve dug on my own

You can be who you wanted to be
Gonna have to be without me
You can do what you wanted to do
I won’t be there to stop you

I’m a problem that you can not solve
A solution, a note I won’t resolve


White Collar Worker

by bryan on January 20, 2010

My 5 year old son filmed this with my point and click… I think I might have a director on my hands 🙂

White Collar Worker

I’m a white collar worker in a white collar family
I work on the 9th floor of a tower
Protective glaze over my waterless gaze
It looks like I’m in a heap of trouble

I’m not in a union. I’m on salary
I work at least 50 hours a week
No bonus structure, no equity
I don’t punch a clock but I get no overtime

And then I remember I’ve got my first born

Prime America, squeeze for all its worth
It takes time to live out that dream
A house, two cars and two point five kids
That you’ll only see on the weekends

Then I remember Ive got my firstborn

As he puts his tiny hand in mine and he looks me in the eyes
And he says “daddy I love you”

2 days a week


Kiss Me (It’s Not Love)

by bryan on January 6, 2010

Kiss Me (It’s Not Love)

Take a line from a movie
Use a quote from a book
Steal a word from a conversation
Where I mistook you for loving me

I’m a man on a mission
I’m a fire you must stoke
Need to find myself a woman
That gets all my jokes and
Prayers from the pew

I doesn’t show but I’ll
Do whatever it takes to
Make you want to kiss me to
Ensure that you’ll miss me
Though its not love

I walk myself into a room
A target crosses my eye
Within 3 seconds I will reply but
I can only stay awhile

Did you see that fight outside?
Do you know you twitch your eye?
Can’t you tell that I’m just not your type?
But I’ll take you home